Long Term

RiverStone supports over 20 long-term missionaries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and North America.  Many of the locations in the 10/40 window cannot be shared to ensure the security of our partners.  Additionally, RiverStone partners with several local ministries within the community.

The work of our partner missionaries includes equipping over 800 leaders in Peru, running a business as a mission in Asia with over 20 ladies, a children’s home with almost 50 children in Asia, working with individuals trapped in slavery and addiction in Africa, providing housing and a safe place to learn in the Philippines, raising up a generation dedicated to prayer for the nations, evangelism in the Middle East, inner city work in Australia, and much, much more.

Below is a sampling of RiverStone’s missionary partners:

Dave and Ellen Bartlett

Ghana, West Africa is a diverse country full of energy and some of the most incredible people you will ever meet! While Christianity makes up a substantial percentage of the country – it is often mixed with tribal beliefs and superstition.  Dave and Ellen Bartlett are our missionaries to Ghana. They spend their days building relationships and reaching out to the local community through Bible studies in their home, facilitating classes in Celebrate Recovery, as well as one on one discipleship.

Nycole Bradley

Nycole Bradley is the Stateside Administrative Assistant for Hosean International Ministries. The vision of this ministry is to empower Haitians with the Gospel of Jesus Christ thru Education, Life Skills Training, and Economic Development. Their website is www.hosean.org.

The Canters
(Lance + Heather + Josiah + Hayley + Channing + Eireann)

In September of 2000, we moved to the West coast of Scotland to work as missionaries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).  Since that time we have been involved in a many different types of ministry including staffing and leading YWAM’s Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), Preaching, Teaching, Strategic Intercession, and practical service in our local community.  In 2005, we pioneered a YWAM ministry called Highlands Outreach Teams, where we take short term outreach teams up into the remote areas of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  This ministry has been very fruitful and has continually expanded over the past few years.  As well as continuing to lead Highlands Outreach Teams, we are also currently involved in several other ministries including Healing Rooms, Light & Life, SOZO, and a marriage course called Love After Marriage.  We also lead a Home Group, and Lance runs an after school basketball club at the village primary school.  We believe that God is preparing Scotland for another great Revival, and we feel extremely honoured to be called to work in this nation in these days.

Blog: cantersinscotland.blogspot.com

The Eddy Family

The Eddy family has served for over 20 years as missionaries in Spain. Their focus is mainly in Madrid, where they aim to develop and disciple attendees in churches that they help to establish. They provide after-school programs for children through a non-profit that they founded called Mosaic of Hope. Much of their ministry focus is on the children of Latin American missionary children. The Eddy family also provide missionary care opportunities for Spanish pastors and missionaries through Operation Barnabas, which provides teaching and encouragement for those serving in Spain.

Tom & Leigh Ann Fraley

Tom and Leigh Ann moved from Omaha, Nebraska, USA, in 2008 in response to a call of God to minister in Edinburgh. The Fraleys lead and empower the Core Team and the rest of the community to carry out ministry. Tom and Leigh Ann share preaching and teaching responsibilities.

The Fraleys served an interdenominational youth ministry in Sandy Hook, Kentucky for 16 years. They also helped start a Christian school and a church in that community. In 1999, they felt God was leading them to pursue ministry in Edinburgh. However, before that was to be realized they would transition to Omaha, Nebraska, USA where Tom served for eight years as an associate pastor at Trinity Church (now Lifegate Church). The Fraleys left Omaha for Edinburgh in 2008 to begin laying the groundwork for Crossroads.

Jacob and Tatum Green

Arthur and Mary Alice Ivey

Arthur and Mary Alice have been serving in Peru as missionaries with TMS Global since 2001. Arthur has a strong call to disciple youth and adults in small groups and to train the Peruvians to do the same for others. Mary Alice has a call to minister to children through Kid’s Clubs, to evangelize, and to see people set free through prayer. They also work with teams that come from the states to do evangelism, discipleship, Christian business training, and medical campaigns in different places in Peru. Their hearts’ desire is to see people set free in Christ so that they can do what He has called them to do.

Erin Johnson

Erin’s missions journey has brought her from Guatemala, to Bethany College of Missions, to Cambodia, and now to the Philippines. Erin joined Action International Ministries in 2009 to join their team in reaching out to children-in-crisis. After arriving in the Philippines, the Lord led Erin and a small Filipino team to start an outreach to street children called “Brand New Day.”

Brand New Day is an outreach and rehabilitation program for street children in Cavite, Philippines. These children and youth are living, sleeping, and working on the streets due to extreme poverty, neglect, and/or abusive family situations. Brand New Day provides educational opportunities, spiritual development, a day center, and children’s home. For more information, visit Erin’s page here!

The Kirkland Family

Clay and Deborah have been on staff at the University of Georgia Wesley Foundation for eighteen years. Discipleship, leadership development, and intercession are the three primary ways Clay and Deborah serve in Athens, GA.  Wesley, at it’s heart, is a discipleship ministry, and each week, over five hundred students are discipled through Wesley.  These students are discipled by both older students and ministry interns.  The ministry interns are discipled by associate directors.  The male associate directors are discipled by Clay, and the female associate directors are discipled by Deborah.

Clay is the director of Staff Development, and his primary work consists in giving leadership to the UGA Wesley Internship Program.  The program consists of recent college graduates that give 1-3 years of time to both serve in a ministry area and receive leadership development and spiritual formation.  Over the past four years, there have been over fifty interns a year who have participated.  Deborah has been a leader in the prayer movement of Wesley and the city of Athens for fifteen years.  She co-leads several all-city prayer meetings a year and is on the board of directors for the prayer room of Athens.  However,  her primary ministry occurs as she spends time in prayer on behalf of the campus and city.

The Maddock Family

Geoff and Sherry live and work in the inner city of Melbourne (Australia).  Surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city’s four million residents the Maddock’s seek to love and serve those left behind and cultivate a sense of place for all city dwellers (www.urbanseed.org).  They started in this new context in late 2016.  See this article for more information about their work with Urban Seed: http://goo.gl/8x4tBU

Between 1999 and 2016, Geoff and Sherry lived in the inner city of Lexington, Kentucky.  With their son, Isaac (born 2003), they worked as missionaries with a focus on neighborhood outreach and service.  Their wider involvement in transformation committed them to service in neighborhood associations, non-profit boards, city government committees, and local food economy initiatives.  For many years they operated an urban farm on the lot next to their home —The 4th St Farm.  This 1/10 of an acre property raised beds for vegetables, chickens, bees, and more than 20 fruit trees.

The support for their vocation in mission comes from friends, family, and several churches in Georgia.

They are authors of “Sowing Seeds of Shalom in the Neighborhood” (available on Amazon for Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Sowing-Seeds-Shalom-Neighborhood-Briefing-ebook/dp/B00E9T226I/)   It is the first briefing paper from the Summit of the International Society for Urban Mission (ISUM) and offers theological frameworks, principles, disciplines and practical suggestions for Christians who long to be involved in neighborhood transformation.

Jeff and Kristian Price

The Prices serve at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO (IHOP-KC).  As full-time intercessory missionaries their primary occupation and function is ministry to Jesus through night and day worship and prayer. They stand petitioning for the light of Jesus Christ to shine into the darkness of this world and for the gospel of Jesus to spread to the nations through and by the entire church. Foundational to their work week is 25 hours of worship and intercession. From this place of prayer, works of compassion to the poor, widows, orphans, and victims of injustice flow through 25 hours of service and outreach.

Though their primary ministry is in the place of prayer and ministering unto the Lord, their ministry does include works of justice, evangelism, and preaching the gospel. As part of IHOP-KC, the Prices assist in training over 1000 students at IHOP-KC’s Bible college, help to host approximately 100,000 visitors each year at conferences, reach out to the lost through IHOP-KC’s 28 outreach ministries,  and broadcast over 14,000 hours of prayer and worship annually in 6 languages into 215 countries around the world.

All believers are all called to love Jesus and to have a prayer life, but He is specifically calling forth intercessors whose full time occupation is to stand in the gap and minister before Him. The foundational premise as an ‘Intercessory Missionary’ is Ephesians 6:12 which tells us that “…the battle which we are fighting is not again flesh and blood (things that we can see) but against principalities and powers in the heavenly realm”. This means that the battle against injustice, darkness, and for the lost is not primarily being fought in the natural realm, but rather it is taking place in the spirit realm where angels are warring against demons and principalities. “This is why we answer God’s call to prayer. This is our primary reason and motivation in serving Him as an intercessory missionary.”

Keep up with the personal blog of the Prices: http://pricefamilyatihop-kc.blogspot.com/

Tammy Ma

Tammy moved to Asia in 1998, after graduating from Asbury Theological Seminary.  She is the founder and director of K-Project.

K-Project ministers through three main avenues:

1)  K CHILDREN’S HOME:   K-Homes was founded in 1999 in a large city in Asia. The team of three started by taking in two children whose mother had died, and father was sick with AIDS. Word spread fast, and within six months, they had virtually adopted twenty children, ages 2-10!! Their hands were full, but so were their hearts!

Over the years K-Homes has taken in other children from extreme circumstances.  The national staff of 12, 46 kids, and international volunteers make up the K-Home Family. K stands for the word ‘Grace’ in the language where Tammy and team are ministering, a country that is not very open to Christianity.  These children come from a wide variety of backgrounds. From street children to orphans to children whom have been abandoned, to children from AIDS-affected families, all find grace at K-Homes. The ministry exists to give children whom literally have no where else to go, a loving family and hope!!   K-Homes is a place where children without hope can find it. Not only will they find hope, but they will also find unconditional love, joy, peace, safety and many other blessings sometimes taken for granted.

The ultimate and absolute purpose of K- homes is to provide these children with loving care in the context of family, while consistently pointing them to the cross of Christ. Their vision is to raise up children radically committed to Jesus Christ, who, empowered by His Holy Spirit, will spread the good news and transform this region of the world! We are so excited that many of our older ones are doing just that in creative ways across this subcontinent!

2) FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM:  K- Family Support Program (FSP)  supports over 130 children from single parent families in surrounding areas.  These families come from destitute desperate backgrounds. Most of the children in this program are fatherless and live at home with their widowed mother. K-Project supports these precious families through education, medical help, parent training workshops, relationship, and more.  K-Project believes in true empowerment and has equipped 8 of the single moms in the FSP program to now lead in their communities, as jr. social workers with K-Project. These single moms are incredibly effective in transforming their own communities as we come alongside and try to encourage, they are the ones whom are able to speak life into their fellow single moms. Many have come to Christ through this initiative. They’ve witnessed many of these children graduate from college! Something that no one in their extended family has ever dreamed of achieving! K-project is working hard to train other ministries and NGO’s in this region to move away from orphanage or children’s homes and towards keeping families together. They’ve created a 3 day workshop/training module that currently is being used to replicate this movement throughout the country! The heart of FSP is caring for the orphans and widows in their distress…by working hard to keep them together!

3) SONS & DAUGHTERS:  The third area of ministry for Tammy and team is this newest endeavor.  Tammy is the founder and director of Sons and Daughters sending agency.  Sons and Daughters exists as a vehicle to partner with and send young people from the K-Homes/FSP community who feel called into full time ministry in this region of the world (10/40 window).  Indigenous transformative mission is at the heart of S&D. Sons and Daughters trains, empowers, encourages and fully supports these ‘called ones’ so that they can fully engage with the work of reaching the lost in this region. Sons and Daughters currently supports 17 young people from our community ministering in difficult places in the 10/40 window!

Aaron & Leah Vickroy

Aaron and Leah are missionaries to the campus at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. They met in college while attending UGA and got married following graduation. In August of 2009 they began working at the UGA Wesley Foundation and after two years of interning, came on staff as Associate Directors. They currently serve as the Director of Discipleship Leadership (Aaron) and Director of Staff Development (Leah).

As a couple, they are passionate about seeing God’s purpose, for the campus and the city, come to Athens. They are also committed to seeing young people discover who God has created them to be and the good things He has for their life. Aaron and Leah love connecting with other and fostering the relationships they have with them.