RiverStone is a mission church, not just a church that does missions! We believe in training our people and sending them out into the world to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether working with young mothers in our own community or orphans in Africa, we believe there is great value and worth in living outside of ourselves and serving those around us.

We believe in imitating Christ’s compassion for the weary and the lost, and prayerfully seeking wisdom and discernment from the Lord. It is the mission of the Riverstone Missions Outreach Team to equip and strengthen the Lord’s harvest laborers with Godly counsel, financial support, and encouragement in order to be effective transformers of our city, country, and world.

In light of recent events such as Hurricane Harvey and Irma we have been praying about how we can best serve those who are affected by such tragedies. We know the heart of our church is to GO and be the hands and feet of Jesus but sometimes we just don’t know HOW to best serve those in crisis!
 RiverStone is excited to announce the formation of the Global Response Team! This team  will work with established organizations that are already on the frontlines for a week to ten days at a time. We are looking for people with a heart to serve and a willingness to go. If you would like more information about the Global Response Team- please email brooke@riverstoneonline.org.