Young Adults

Dwelling Place is RiverStone’s college ministry. We meet every Wednesday night at 7 PM upstairs in The Venue. Contact for more info.

The Heart of Dwelling Place for the 2017-2018 School Year

  1. To be a place of ENCOUNTER. Every Wednesday night we meet at RiverStone and encounter the Lord together. We long to move in the Holy Spirit more than ever before and have greater revelation of who He is.
  2. Be a part of a bigger body: RiverStone. Generational investment is a large piece of community transformation. Dwelling Place desires that each student get involved at RiverStone on a regular basis because older generations have so much knowledge that college students and young adults need to learn. The hope is this… that by spending time and learning from older generations, Dwelling Place students would grow and that the older generations ceiling would be the younger generations floor when it come to the knowledge and encounter with the Lord.
  3. Small Groups: Small groups are great to get to know each other but they are also a huge tool in reaching the lost!

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