Advent 2018

Love – Tom Tanner

Christmas is the ordinary of earth being invaded by the SPECTACULAR OF HEAVEN. The message of Christmas is that God is not satisfied with life without you. His invitation is for all – to enter into His life. He is coming. And He is love. His love can’t be comprehended—it’s better than you can think or imagine.

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Joy – Tom Tanner

We are waiting for God's coming. The people of God are at the height of expectation as there is one more week until He comes. Our joy comes from Jesus, is given by the Holy Spirit, and is a birthright of the kingdom. We have joy because He came, He is come, and He will come!

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Peace – Mason Tanner

Peace that surpasses understanding is a peace that transcends the fears of the world and is rooted in something greater than our circumstance.

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Hope – Tom Tanner

We are not just waiting for hope but actively moving in the direction of hope.
Cry out for it.
Believe for it.
Proclaim it.

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