Motherhood – Tom Tanner

Luke 1: 28-30

Characteristics of the most famous mother ever, Mary, the mother of our Lord:

1.      She had favor with God.

2.      She was humble.  We  can live our  lives EXPECTING things to be given to us. OR we can live a life of humility, knowing that we really deserve NOTHING.  ONE LEADS TO A LIFE OF ENTITLEMENT AND ANGER.  THE OTHER TO A LIFE OF GRATITUDE.

3.      She was obedient.  Do we have solid UNWAVERING TRUST?  OR the kind of trust that is blown around by the WIND OF CIRCUMSTANCES?  Mary’s trust of the Father later became a TRUST IN JESUS.

4.      She was criticized with Jesus.

5.      She was at the cross.

6.      She remained.

Acts 1:12-14