Temptation – Tom Tanner

Luke 4:1-13

Part 1: Types of Temptation
1.  Turn stone into bread (physical or personal temptation)
2.  I will give you authority and power if… (social temptation)
3.  Throw yourself down and let God save you (spiritual temptation)

Part 2: Overcoming Temptation
1.  Holy Spirit leads Jesus to the place of temptation.
2.  Jesus quotes Scripture.
3.  Jesus defeats the devil by the Spirit.

Part 3:  The Holy Spirit
1.  Whatever power the Holy Spirit has, He still has.  Whatever He did, He can still do.  Being a part of the God-head, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
2.  The gift of the Holy Spirit was not temporary and the display of His power was not shown once and then hidden to be seen no more.  In fact, Jesus says in John 17 that the Spirit would abide with us forever.
3.  He is here.  He wants to work here.  He wants to fill you.  We should expect Him to work, and if His presence and power are not evident, we should ask ourselves why.