The Fall of Man – Tom Tanner

  1. Where are you?  God knows but Adam and Eve really don’t.  He wants them to know.
    1. Where are you spiritually?  God wants to connect with you.  Are you stale and stagnant or moving forward?
    2. Where are you relationally?  God has come to walk with you.  How are things with family, your spouse, friends, and people you work with?
    3. Where are you physically?  Are you taking care of yourself?
    4. Where are you emotionally?  Are you angry, stressed, anxious, depressed?  God care about how you feel.
  2. Who did you listen to?  Are there voices that are influencing your opinions and choices more than God’s?  Who is influencing you – the world or God?
  3. What did you do?  God knew what they did.  Is he trying to shame Eve? No, Eve needed to say it.  To confess it.  Confession is an important practice.  We need a bigger view of God not a smaller view of sin.