The Lame Man – Tom Tanner

Acts 3

  1. The lame man was stuck.  He was crippled from birth, helpless, and his life wasn’t changing.
  2. He expected the expected.  Are you willing to represent a body of people who will do more than is expected?  Instead of always just doing the “right thing,” can we commit to being people who will risk doing the Kingdom thing?
  3. If we will risk Kingdom responses, we will see Kingdom results. The lame man was healed but three other things also happened:
    1. Kingdom destiny.  He went into the temple worshipping – for the first time.  He was fulfilling his kingdom destiny for the first time in his life because Peter was willing to risk faith.
    2. Miraculous witness.  Many were saved because of the healing of the lame man.  Acts4:4 says 5000 believed.
    3. Persecution.  The third result was “opposition arose.”  Peter and John are carted off to jail and persecution begins.