What Jesus Wants – Tom Tanner

So, what does Jesus want?

1.      To be BELIEVED! AT LEAST 7 times in the gospel we read the phrase “they didn’t believe”.

2.      To be obeyed. Jesus tells the disciples to not just preach and baptize, but to teach people to OBEY all that he has taught them.

3.      To be followed. TO CARRY ON THE MISSION.  There is a task, an assignment. Being a follower of Jesus is not just about having “your best life now’.  JESUS HAS A MISSION AND HE WANTS US IN IT AND ON IT!  THEREFORE GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES…MATT 28:16-20

4.      To be with you! He loves you. Wants to be with you and promises that He will not leave us alone.

5.     Finally, He wants us to be FILLED.  I will send to you the promise of my Father.

Life on earth is intended to be lived in the rhythm of heaven. Truth and grace.  Work and rest.  Jesus did it perfectly. (we don’t)  But we can grow in it.  Some of us lean towards work, some towards rest.

We need to seek THE RHYTHM OF HEAVEN.