Samuel is the Small Group Pastor at RiverStone Church and serves on the teaching team for the RiverStone Collective. He joined our staff in January 2022 but has been a part of RiverStone and served in various ministries since 2009. Samuel has a BA in Ministry Leadership with a minor in theology and is a 4th generations follower of Christ. He grew up in a home of church planting and missionary pastors and felt the call to ministry at a very young age.

Samuel is married to our Nursery Director Hannah Buhler, and they have a son, Ezekiel. They have been married since 2017 and met serving on the leadership team for RiverStone’s college ministry.

Samuel has a deep passion for equipping fellow believers to be able to live out their faith journey to the fullest. He also believes community is a key part of faith and growth. The combination of these things drew him to the Small Group Director position where he can partner with the Holy Spirit to accomplish both through the avenue of small groups.