Sarah came to the RiverStone office in late 2020. She has 20+ years of accounting experience and couldn’t be happier making the transition from corporate world to the RiverStone Team.

Although she was raised in the Methodist Church, Sarah went through a huge transition in 2019, finding herself at an emotional crossroads. That led her to giving her life 100% to Christ and being baptized in November of 2019. She is very passionate about her faith and walk with God and does not hesitate to share her story! Sarah feels very grateful that the Lord lead her to RiverStone to strengthen her Faith and allow her to do what she does best in her profession for a much bigger purpose now!

She has two grown sons and a younger daughter that is her little sidekick. Sarah loves animals and enjoys singing and playing music, as well as traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, and outdoor adventuring in her spare time.