“The Track” at RiverStone is comprised of four steps: Taste | Join | Commit | Lead

Our Track is the route to Leadership at RiverStone. Our desire is for newcomers to get a feel for RiverStone culture, become involved, get spiritually fed, and commit themselves to the church before stepping into a leadership role.


Are you new to RiverStone? We invite you to get a taste of RiverStone by attending our Sunday services. Additionally, we have quarterly Newcomer’s Lunch Info Sessions. The 2022 Newcomer’s Lunch dates are: July 24 & October 30


While there is no official membership process, we encourage you to “join” RiverStone by volunteering and getting involved in a small group. Additionally, we have “Join A Team” after each service on the 2nd Sunday of each month. This meeting is in the Coffeehouse. We have over 15 ways to serve, so there is sure to be something for you!


Are you ready to take the leap into leadership? Be sure that you’re serving somewhere, and attend a Leadership Class, which is offered twice per year. Our next date is August 27, 2022.


Use your gifts and follow the call to lead by serving in the ministry area God has called you to. Leadership roles at RiverStone require going through the track and are a higher level of commitment than other areas where you can serve without having taken the Leadership Class.