“The Track” to leadership at RiverStone is comprised of these four steps:


New to RiverStone? Attend a Newcomer’s Lunch event to learn more.


While there is no official membership process, we encourage you to “join” RiverStone by getting involved in a small group.


Ready to take the leap into leadership? Attend a Leadership Class.


Use your gifts and follow the call to lead by serving in the ministry area God has called you to.

Our desire is for newcomers to get a feel for RiverStone culture, become involved, get spiritually fed, and commit themselves to the church before stepping into a leadership role. We require that you attend a Leadership Class at RS Together before being eligible to be a leader.


You may not have completed the Leadership Track yet, but you still want to serve. We want that too! Below are some good places to start:


Guest Services

You may be new to RiverStone, but you can still hold open a door or direct a car.  Click here to join our Guest Services Team.

Short Term Missions

Each year we send teams all over the world. Consider joining a team. Find out more here.