THIS – This God. This Place. These People
is a ministry and financial initiative designed to mobilize the body of Christ.   RiverStone is combining our desire to help you achieve your ministry goals with the desire to also eliminate the debt on our building.  With everyone’s help, we will all have the funds, the team, and the plan to go after our dreams, and a large portion of building debt will be eliminated.

Health & Healing Update
The Health & Healing stone’s WellStar project team is packing family care baskets this Sunday to provide to the chaplaincy. They’ll include prayer shawls knitted by RiverStone’s prayer shawl ministry and necessities to make the families’ stay at the hospital easier and more comfortable. We’re also providing some gift cards (gasoline, etc.) for the chaplains to provide to patients’ families.
Summary of Stone Initiatives:

Arts & Worship:
To create an equipping conference for our stone’s painters, writers, performing artists, dancers, song writers, musicians, and singers. Our long-term goal is to become an equipping center for creative growth and outreach to our community and beyond.

To form a Christ-centered group that meets regularly allowing us to launch new businesses with God’s direction, grow businesses to glorify him, and provide support for one another.

To adopt a community inside and outside the church. Inside: Reaching out to visitors in a more personal way (sit with them in church, take them out to lunch, month-long small group, etc). Outside: Outreach in a neighborhood (yet to be identified).

To launch a short-term outreach at the end of May: a post-planning Teacher Appreciation type event for teachers. Long term ideas include a support group for teachers and students (including public, private and homeschool). This could then lead into individual mentoring of students. Additionally, we’d like to create a family-focused mentoring program as well as create a Bible basics theology class at RiverStone.

Legacy Marriage – the focus here will be organizing mentors for young married couples or even married couples having a difficult time.
Family Pillars – This team is organizing a single workday in June. With the help of church staff, we will identify about five families in need of home repair and organize people at church to help them.

Go out to hard places and bring people in from sex-trafficking and addictions. Create a “Freedom Center” with a coffee shop run by those who have found freedom.

Generational Investment:
To form a Christ-centered mentoring and tutoring group serving as a conduit for connecting older and younger generations.

Global Harvest:
To create a missionary care group made up of a prayer team, hospitality team, and an encouragement team.

Health & Healing:
To develop a Biblical health program bringing a Christ-centered approach to taking care of yourself. We also desire to create an outreach/support team for local hospitals and chaplains to connect them to our prayer ministries.

To produce a high-quality faith-based film. We would also like to create a community “hackerspace” which operates to educate underprivileged children and adults in computers and technology with the goal of propelling them out of poverty.

Unity and Reconciliation:
To host several meetings with local pastors over the summer to create unity. Key element would be to take up an offering to bless a church in need.

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